Spring Scapes

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  • Spring Landscapes, 2014
    As of last week, the lady whom I love and share my life with and I arrived at our new home in the tri-state area after a long, sometimes stressful, but wonderful road trip across the US.  Here is a collection of images that we captured along the way.
  • The starting point, behind my father's house in California.
  • East of mount Shasta.
  • Zion Canyon facing Northeast.
  • Zion Canyon facing Northwest.
  • The edge of Bryce Canyon.  Unfortunately we weren't able to drive through it.  Next time...
  • Lulu in the Salt Flats.
  • Salt in her feet.
  • Grandpa's Cheesebarn.  The most wonderful tourist trap.
  • Taking hiking breaks with the best adventure buddy anyone could ask for.
  • Angus.
  • Every night a lovely night.
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