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Random Design work
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Illustration for Ekko a beatboxer
The brief was to create an urban style illustration that Beatboxer ekko could wear for hes promotional video.
Ekko the beatboxer wearing the tshirt for hes promosional video
The brief below was set by ocean outdoor. The brief was to create and out door advertising piece that promoted the new 2012 film by pixar called Brave.

The first design: Brave is 3D film created by pixar and so I wanted to portray the 3D element by having the main character stand off the page in a hero like stance.  I wanted the viewer to get sense how imporant this character is and by having the quote a hero will rise adds to whole moos of the design.

The second design: For this image I used the environment to help enhance the design ie using the hedges around the image. The film is very much associated with mysical woodland and so the hedges really helps in stting the scene a portraying the story.