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Data analysis and visualization of the results of the Italian political elections occurred in 2013.
Come ha votato Milano - I risultati delle elezioni politiche 2013
Comune di Milano - Area Innovazione Economia Sviluppo - Settore Statistica
Research by: Anna Clara Gatti, Stefano Montrasio
Analysis and Design by: Giovanni Magni, Ileana Ricci
Under the supervision of Silvia Castellanza

This publication aims to show the results of the italian political and regional elections occurred during 2013. It is divided in four main sections, each one dedicated to an individual election. All sections show a general overview of the results, a comparison within this election and the previous one, a geographic analysis and therefor a comparison beetwen different cities and at last a comparison beetwen neighborhoods of the city of Milan.

Complete project available HERE

Dataset in the Open Data website, and into the Banca Dati Elettorale.