• Com Amor Se Paga (roughly translated as "paid with love", from the portuguese proverb "amor com amor se paga") was a social service design project established under the competition Action For Age of ExperimentaDesign, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and the Royal Society of Arts.
    It was one of the 12 projects chosen and featured on the exhibition EXD'11 / LISBOA
    It consisted in a network established in the neighborhood of Barrocas, Aveiro, in order to promote a share and exchange of homemade and traditional products and traditional knowledge (that otherwise would be lost with time.)
    Com Amor Se Paga conducted a series of workshops, events and campaigns as efforts to provide a common space for sharing common interests: where the younger generations could learn from their seniors and adapt that know-how to give form to new ideas.
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    How it works!
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    1st stage: Research
    Through interviews we were able to list and map the various activities and specific knowledge of the habitants.
    2nd stage: Branding and Promotional Material
    Informative booklets, tags and stickers for producers.
  • A series of logo variations representing the skills of the producers.
  • Booklet cover, a serie of logo variations, stickers and fruit illustrations (following the original logo shape)
  • Leva-me ("take me") campaign
    Tote bags with stickers and information about the project and the workshops were left in strategic places around the city.

  • The same way homemade cookies were left in strategic places around the city.
  • Promotional flags to put in the windows of the neighborhood.
  • Postcards with paper doilies.
    3rd stage. Activities & Workshops
  • Cooking
  • We spent some time with D. Maria Adelaide, a retired cook, who shared some traditional recipes with us. later we distributed the cookies we made; people were happy to share their own recipes back.
  • Carpentry
  • Sr. Joaquim has a small reupholstery and furniture repair carpenter shop.
  • Old chairs reupholstered for the next events.
  • Knitting
    4th stage. Neighborhood Event
  • The final event with all the producers and the neighborhood of Barrocas.
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