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  • As a way of improving my work, I used to do spend time researching Adobe's
    Kuler website.

    Since I've been there, I could realize that some people had the
    talent to create more than just beautiful color themes. Indeed, they used
    the themes as a way to communicate feelings and sensations, just like
    poetry. I became amazed with how the themes were a beautiful translation
    of their own names.

    So, I decided to start a project called "Colour Poetry" to show it in a
    collaborative way.

    The first thing I did was access Adobe Kuler's website and collect
    some examples of what I call Colour Poetry. Then I found many
    beautiful themes. After that, I also did some designs just for fun.

    While I was making mine, I realized that I could transform the designs
    into a platform by inviting others to collaborate on the project
    instead of creating my own color themes.

    The overall idea is to create a collaborative project and give the credit to those
    whose made the themes, so every design will be signed by the person
    who made the themes on
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