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Colors Notebook Magazine on Violence.
Colors of Violence

2007 I got a blank notebook, from Fabrica's project Colors Notebook. I filled it with stuff that was going on in my mind back then, the violence on the streets, the corruption, the inability to speak up and the silent and lonely victims: the children of our broken country, El Salvador. I tried to show just how vulnerable these future generations are and how we grow up and feed on our violent and bloody environment.

My magazine got published in Fabrica's "Violence" edition, which consisted on different magazines made by people all around the globe, portraying their own view on violence. It has been a great experience, seeing my work published and traveling around museums such as the MAK in Vienna. You can check out more about Colors Magazine and their Notebooks project over here

 Cover illustration by Jameson Pruscia.
My magazine at the MAK Museum in Vienna.