• Client: Colorama
    Agency: McCann Malmö
    Direction: Upper First
    Director of Photography: Keith Loutit
    Production: Upper First
    Sound design: Kungen & Hertigen
    Year: 2009

    TREATMENT  /  The idea is based on a technique called tilt-shift, combined with time-lapse (developed by Keith Loutit). It makes reality appear as a miniature model moving with a stop-motion flow. The thought is to create a visually interesting expression that give the audience something out of the ordinary, while at the same time providing a good overview of events. We would shoot from a high angle using specially developed lenses with a short depth of field. The fact that the world appears to be miniature makes the viewer think ”is it for real or not”. It is hard to tear your eyes from the images, something that works well for our purpose.

    A gigantic hand will appear in the middle of events helping the workers to get the house ready for summer. It will light the barbeque with a magnifying glass for example. The idea is to create a visually absurd situation using displacement of scale between the people in frame and the giant hand. It is meant to underline the contrast of small and big, where the hand symbolizes the consumers ability to effect the environment and in the extension his or her own environment. Through time-lapse we’ll reinforce the ”before and after” scenario as you’ll be able to see small changes appear quickly. The film will start in a winter worn backyard and in 30 seconds evolve to a wonderful summer barbeque

    The sun rises and we see a house from a high angle with a backyard that’s been worn down by winter. The lawn is brown, the wood porch grey, the facade dirty and blotched, the trees are bare. Suddenly an onslaught of workers poor in from all sides in white, blue, green, orange and grey overalls (Colorama logo colours.) They start cleaning up the house and backyard. They move swift and efficiently (through time-lapse). The workers rake the lawn, rinse the porch and facade, collect branches and puts out the furniture. In a slight closer framing we see how they start oiling the furniture to make them look new, the facade is painted an the barbeque is put in place. It is hard to decide if it’s model figures or real humans. Suddenly a giant hand appear with a magnifying glass lighting the barbeque using sunrays. The work continues, a parasol is placed on the porch, the garden hose is rolled up, garden chairs gets a final wipe-down. The table is set for a party. The trees have filled with leaves. Paint buckets are put away and tarp is rolled up and carried away. A family comes out of the house and sits down to enjoy the first barbeque party of the summer. Lights a hang from the porch creating a cosy feeling. The workers gather on the lawn and positions themselves in the color order of the logo.
    Logo - Colorama
  • BEHIND THE SCENES  /  Images from the shoot and post-production.