Color Series

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    Filmic Experiences aims to investigate the way in which symbolizing affects and is affected by felt experiencing; to devise a social and scientific vocabulary that can interact with experiencing, so that communication about it (experiencing film) becomes possible.

    Color Series was inspired from the interesting debate on how film posters have escape into different medium of frame other than the standard structure and how audiences choose a film based on their interpretation of film narrations, which in this case, the color becomes the medium to experience. I then discovered that in all of the above, I am trying to cultivate a visual exploration of film narrations when it has been set loose. In a bigger picture, if a film has been set loose, what for and how has it been constrained before? Following a phenomenological paradigm, we could say that film has been set loose from asking ‘what is a film?’ and given the opportunity to answer the provocation of ‘what can a film do?’

    In this case, the answer is: it can create experiences.