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Color button help the children to wearing a clothes.
 Color pop.

Color button help the children to wearing a clothes

Suhyun Yoo, Collaborated with Seonhwoi Moon and Yuki Shinohara
Sometimes you have probably went out with insert the wrong button of the shirt. Regulary the button of shirts  are consisted with  same shape, color and material. Therefore we must be careful to not fasten a shirt button with the wrong order. Also the buttons which have a same shape make us to not recognize our mistakes easily. In case of the little children, they are more careless and make many mistakes. We suggest this simple idea to solve this problem. 

You can check the color when you fasten the buttons. Color pop help you to correct between the buttons and holes. It is really easy to find each other even if you are a little child. Therefore you just check each colors and fasten them. You can be notice easily even you make a mistake.