Collider Activity Center

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  • Designed by: meteor architects
    Project team:
    Anna Pszonak
    Bogdan Pszonak
    Adam Tekień
    Wojciech Miller
    Piotr Matuszek
  • We have imagined Collider Activity Center as building of rational and simple architecture consistent with his destiny and investment assumptions but still distinctive, and in our opinion the demand for object identification has been accomplished.
    The building – the box consisted of varied functional program is seen as a set of relationships between its various parts. Despite diversity the continuity and flexibility of interior space is a priority here. We can freely move through the building and establish informal visual realtions with other visitors of Collider Activity Center. The arrangement of functional blocks has been obtained by determining the availability of the functional and visual connections. Generally the public program has been implemented on the first three floors. Limited by its height it is not closed by walls of the building. It is conceived as a continuum of urban public space and park combined with large inviting and glazing elements literally facing the exterior of the building such as a climbing wall, footbridge over the entrance and ropetopia elements.
  • front facade
  • rear facade
  • fitness zone / inner greenhouse
  • main inner climbing wall
    Schemes and plans
    Image production process
  • basic 3D image
  • greenhouse creation - building the space
  • people + glass reflections
  • details + color correction
  • final image
    Thanks for watching!