Collider 12

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  • Collider is an accelerator that helps very early stage companies with funding and mentoring support to help them achieve more and faster. This year Collider is focusing on 10 tech startups and wanted something to be able to give out to their teams and other people that are involved.
    These people are surrounded by technology all day, they have loads of USB memory sticks, if they are as anal as us they have all their ideas and notes in Evernote or some other app, they don't need any more technology to help them on this difficult path of starting up a company. 
    This is why we created the notebooks, something small for them to just pick up and have their thoughts and ideas in, something faster to access than opening up the laptop/tablet and putting things down in an app. Each notebooks had the logo hand drawn onto the cover and several quotes hand written inside along with a brush stroke of varnish to ensure it doesn't smudge or rub off. This hand made feel made everything a little more special and that more care was put into them rather than a mass produced item, which is what Collider is all about.