• Collar Stool Collection
    The visual and physical strength of the Collar Stools is defined by the honest exposure of its structural brace. The six main elements of this piece are held together in a friction fit system. Clean lines and minimal hardware finish this striking design.
    More colours available on enquiry
  • Clasic Collar stool - 500mm + White Collar stool 720mm
  • White Collar Stool 720mm
  • White Collar Stool - Detail
  • Classic Collar Stool 
    500mm x 320mm
    American Ash, steel
  • Red Collar Stool 
  • Black Collar Stool
    Black Stain, American Ash, Steel
  • Black Collar Stool 720mm
  • Blue Collar Stool 720mm
  • White Collar Stool 720mm
  • To purchase this product please contact Y.S at: info@yoursdesign.co.nz