The Manipulated Time

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  • A Girl and Carousel (Expand) #1, 2012
  • A Girl and Carousel (Expand) #2, 2012
  • A Girl and Carousel (Expand) #3, 2012
  • Train (Stretch), 2012
  • Train (Shuffle), 2012
  • Union Station (Compress), 2012
  • The Manipulated Time
    A series of collages made from Chromogenic prints
    20 x 30 inches (board measurement)
    In my work I attempt to visualize and manipulate the structure of time in space. I am looking for a physical manifestation of time that divides the finite from the infinite. With this series, I invite the viewer to experience time and space interchangeably, and to entertain the possibility of disjointed timeframes occupying the same space in a nonlinear way.

    The images are composed of two exposures or more, taken instants apart, which are then spliced and joined vertically - and also woven together - within a single frame. These images fracture time and expand it, to illustrate the flow of time as something that is malleable. 
    Each of these collages was created by hand manipulation. The process involved slicing darkroom (Chromogenic) prints and composing the individual slices into the resulting scenes.