Cold Vision-Abstract Photography

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  • This is a short selection of my best pictures from the series: "Cold Vision". I took those photos through the tramway's windows somewhere in the streets of Sosnowiec, Poland between Spring 2010 and Winter 2012. I reworked and published them during the beginning of the year 2012. I used my cell phone (Samsung Wave) to take the photos and I used Photoshop CS6+Lightroom 4 for the post processing. I'm actually still continuing to work on this series. Two of those photos received awards on creative online communities (n°1 & 2) and the last one (n°10) has been used for an advertising campaign. but this project is still confidential for now. All your comments are welcome! Photos: © Olivier Daaram Jollant
  • 1) A bit warmer than hell:
    - Received a D.D (Daily Deviation) at DeviantArt-02/2012
    - Selected at Art Limited-02/2012
    - Published in the e-magazine: "Point of simplicity" n°7-08/2012
    2) Cold vision:
    - Received an Award at Photo Moment-02/2012
    3) Through- 01/2012
    4) Flags are burning slowly in the snow- 02/2012
    5) After Faith- 01/2012
    6) His future is my past- 01/2012
    7) Precious tears- 03/2012
    8) Opened zoo+Sky- 03/2012
    9) Dark intimacy- 01/2012
    10) Bleeding treasure- 02/2012
    - Used as a background for an advertising campaign. Confidential for now.
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