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  • The first ones we never forget
    Cold porcelain clay sculptures made years ago
    For this project, I put together all my initial sculping clay characters. Made of cold porcelain clay, these sculptures were created for hobby, to give to a friend as a gift, and even for sale as a commission. For these reasons, most of these characters, sculpted years ago, are not with me anymore, and that's why some of the pictures quality (took with a old pocket camera) and environment display are very spontaneous and homemade. At that time, I wasn't concerned about a future presentation.
    First of all, my favorite 3! :)
    Kirby was the first I made, Paul Stanley (from Kiss) was my last one, and Marvin was the middle kid. They got my special care. I still have them (except for Paul, I made him for my friend as a gift), so I got the opportunity to photograph them in a studio.
  • Kirby, Paul Stanley (Kiss), and Marvin, the martian
  • Kirby was my very first clay sculpture! #1
  • Paul Stanley, fom Kiss
    The next ones were commission.
    Naruto // Naruto anime series
  • I don't have a picture of the final version
    Sasuke // Naturo anime series
  • I don't have a picture of the final version
    Kakashi // Naruto anime series
    Keychan gifts