Cold Front Co. - Naming and Brand Identity

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  • Cold Front Co.
    Naming and Brand identity
  • Creative / Strategy / Design / Typography /  Illustration; Di & Stephen Fuller
    After living and working in New Zealand, entrepreneurs Eileen Leo and Daryl Wee saw an opportunity to introduce products that ooze a natural laid back cool attitude into the hyper-modern, bustling nation of Singapore. They set up Cold Front Co. to distribute boutique cold products there, so that people could share the delicious ingredients and handcrafted quality of natural Kiwi cool. The name and tagline were the first challenge, and Di once again worked with Mark Di Somma to crack these. The name in particular was crucial, as it would set a direction for the company. Cold Front Co. was a play on the fact that the weather in Singapore is remarkably consistent. The tagline needed to capture an attitude for the brand that could transition from products to potential experiences. It also needed to offer a refreshing ethos in a time poor society where relaxing is a rare treat, and one that needs to be encouraged. Hence, Just Chillin' …
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