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Branding and Logo Design for Cola Cube Design Collective.
Cola Cube Design Collective
Date: March 2012
Cola Cube is a design collective formed by myself and fellow Illustrator Kathryn Geoghegan as a name to work under when collaborating on selective projects. Cola Cube however became something much more than we had first thought, branching out into other areas of creativity including events and animation.
After a recent trip to New York we became obsessed with the branding style of quite a few soda bottle companies and we knew immediately we wanted something similar. For us Cola Cube was all about having fun with what we do and to us it spoke fun and a care free.
Business Card
With us both having extensive knowledge of packaging design, we wanted to try something adventurous for our business card. After experimenting with all kinds of origami and cards with 'pop up' elements, we stumbled across the 'marketing cube'. The idea was to present somebody with a regular business card that could 'pop up' into a 3D cube and sit on a clients desk. It was quite a challenge getting it to actually work the way we intended, and after experimenting with all kinds of paper types, we finally nailed it.
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