• Coffee Table
    Heart Rimu Ply - Massa - Mild Steel
    880mm x 500mm x 450mm

    The coffee table is a continuation of the investigation into surface that began with the Fall Off table.
    The idea is that support material is added when and only where it is needed. This in turn creates a dynamic and unique surface pattern on the table, respective of what it is being used for

    Each cell is able to be turned "on or off" by placing or removing a hexagonal tile. Therefore a surface is able to be "built up" through a number of adjacent tiles for larger objects.

    The table also has a removal system that allows users to push down in a select corner of the tile, raising the opposing corner for easy removal.

    The hexagon was used because it makes efficient use of space and provides structural integrity.

  • An example of surface variations
  • Tile removal system in action
  • Plastic surrounds on the legs prevent damage to soft floors
  • Hexagons are able to be clustered together to form pot stands or extra coasters