Cocaina + Infection (Collaboration)

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  • Cocaina + Infection
    A collaboration between Damian Muszkiet and Maarten Kleyne
  • This artwork was formed through the collaborative efforts of Polish photographer Damian Muszkiet and Dutch visual artist Maarten Kleyne. We connected via the Behance network and decided to bundle our skills in order to create a unique work of art. 

    On this project page you will find our final collaboration piece as well as some detailed close-ups. After that we also added a little case study of the progress this artwork went through. We hope you’ll like it! (Feel free to let us know.)

    Full view & details
  • Case study
    Photography by Damian
  • Editing & design by Maarten
  • Original photograph
  • Cut out the model, adjusted her eyes and stretched her arms. Also removed some minor things such as her piercing.
  • Improved the lighting on her face and added lighting to the background for the composition. 
  • Added more structure to the background and a shadow underneath her head for the depth. 
  • Finalized the background and started on her arms.
  • Added a lot of smaller details at her head. Wires on top. Dripping lines and more lighting work at the bottom behind her head. 
  • Added the top part of the piece including more small details as well. "Medusa-style"
  • Reached the final steps, I went ballistic with adjustment layers and coloring from this point. 
    Lowered the saturation of her arms, adjusted the overall exposure and drew the colors closer to each other.
  • More adjusting. Preparing the entire lighting and feeling for final coloring. 
  • Nine adjustment layers further: the final image. 
  • Thank you for watching
    We hope you liked this artwork, feel free to let us know.

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