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This is a proposal to change the packaging for Coca-Cola and how to communicate this. The best point is how effective is the action.
Client - Coca-Cola
Concept - Germán León
Art Direction - Germán León

Coca-Cola is very well known all around the world and its message is always very similar. A great global idea.
So, very soon, it would be possitive to do something different. Of course, this should follow the global communication strategy: "Open Happiness".

Cans for soft drinks are different only in their labels, but the shape of the can is exactly the same.If you only can see the top of many cans of different trademarks, you hardly can find the difference.Nevertheless, Coca-Cola should be different even on this point.

The proposal consists of this: changing the industrial design of the can, specifically the hole.The idea is redesign the hole, getting adapted to the consumer. Coca-Cola has been making people happy for 125 years, and the best way to adapt the can to them is making a “Happy Can”:
The new can could have the shape of a friendly smile. With this, we get that point of difference and a touch of charm.

Obviously, communication is the most important point.This decision entails a huge outlay. So, it is better if we do a previous test. But we´ll do it directly in our communication. Consumers will decide if they want this change or not.

Anyway, just the fact of communicate this proposal will bring an enormous fame for Coca-Cola.If the campaign is very successful, the redesign will be completed. If not, it won´t be completed but Coca-Cola would have greatly increased its fame. The key is that this action will always bring success.

The global communication strategy will consist of just a minimum: a ‘semi-teaser’ print and a global micro-site.

The print would be very simple. It involves the costumer in only a short copy, and then, of course, shows the web link:
"If you are happy, we too. Share your happiness in:"
If you see the print, information is not completed. You have to go to the written link to check what´s being planned.

Therefore, the micro-site has to complete this information:
"After 125 years making people happy,
we want to give you the opportunity of sharing that happiness.

Write in less than 125 characters something that made you happy.
Something very important that changed your life, or maybe a little
detail that made your day nicer.

After this, share it with who you love. Surely, this will make them
happy, as it makes us so.

If we reach the number of 10.000.000 shared quotes,
the new design will become true."

Here, the main message is very clear and you can see it just opening the web link. It´s in red and much bigger than the rest of the text.

Moreover, you have all the information, the tab to choose your country (this is very important because it must have the option to choose the language if this site is for the global campaign) and the call to action: this consists of sharing a "happy quote", following the trend of statuses (Twitter, Facebook...).

There are 3 ways to share it:

 - By Facebook:
 - By Twitter:
 - By E-mail:
With this action, the strategy is finished :)