• Dancing Coca-Cola bottles have been leaping inside our computers quite a long time. We created this Coca-Cola promo film for Eyeka co-creation community contest in 2010. As there were no scenario restrictions we have decided to withdraw this massively popular product from tradicional soft drink’s settings and interpreted it just as well-recognizable object, red topped white glass bottle with brown drink inside. This is what happens when legendary image meets sounds of the harp in sterile neutral space.
    Note, this is not official video.

    Director: Rimantas Lukavicius
    Camera / DOP: Rolandas Leonavicius
    VFX / Design Company: KORB
    nCloth concepts: BlackPixelsHarp:Music Company: Audionerve
    Production support: STRICTLY PRODUCTION
    Year of completion: 2010 - 2011