Coca-Cola 2012 Campaign Pakistan

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  • COCA-COLA 2012 
    Creative Manager  (Copy & Concept) - Coca-Cola and all brands Pakistan and Afghanistan
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    Magazine and Newspaper
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    Magazine and Newspaper
  • Contrasting situational concepts by Mirzada Asghar and Me =)
    Coke: Happy Culture 2012 Tvc -- Shot all around Karachi in 3 days, Directed by Asad ul Haq, D.O.P is Nic Knowland, Asma Humayun is the Executive Producer, Assistant Director is Hassan Dawar, Muaz Iqbal is the Production designer
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  • The Calendar
  • The '101 Reasons to Believe in a better Pakistan' book...
  • 101 Reasons to Believe  - The Cut Out Cover
    The book about believing in your country, starting with yourself!
  • 101 Reasons to Believe  - The inside page
    The book about believing in your country, starting with yourself!
  • Page 67 
    A translated excerpt from a poem by Faiz Ahmad Faiz, an influential left-wing intellectual, a revolutionary poet, and one of the most famous poets of the Urdu language from Pakistan.
  • Page 22
  • Reminding people by celebrating unsung heroes, that there is a lot of good still out there, only if you are still willing to believe in the positive. The heroes live amongs us, besides us and in each one of us.
  • Random pages in between, reminding people, that even small gestures contribute towards a happier positive nation.
    Here it is reminding you that, any involuntary small gesture you make, no matter how small, does not go unnoticed.
  • The year of Positivity Stamp (did not launch sadly)
  • TV Picture in Picture Scrolls...
  • For every person breaking a rule
    Millions are forming a queue
  • For every negative news about Pakistan
    There are many flags being painted.
  • Digitals Apps.
  • Several Apps were designed and launched within Facebook to engage the youth.
    Each App was geared towards making the user feel good about himself, and encouraged him to further spread the happy vibe!
  • Bottle Label
  • Ho Yaqeen tou khulain khushiyan!
    (With belief - opens happiness)
    Coke partnered up with Care Foundation, (an NGO involved in educating and taking care of the underpriviliged children). Each time the special-labeled bottle was sold, Coke contributed a certain percenatge to the NGO.
    This made the buyer feel good about his contribution and brought a more satisfactor enjoyement in chilling out with Coke!