• CoPlanner
  • Having company figures at your fingertips - anytime, fast and easily - is one of the key requirements that leaders and managers have when choosing business intelligence software. The Austrian company CoPlanner is specialised in the area of business intelligence and corporate performance management systems and plays an important role in value-oriented corporate management. The new corporate design reflects the uniquely flexible approach of the company in regard to individual customer requirements. The combination of structure on the one hand and flexibility on the other are the main themes of the design. The colour codes and photographic style offer an ideal mixture of modernity and competent professionalism

    Logo, typography, colors, business cards, stationary, magazine and web design by moodley brand identity.
  • logo
  • typography
  • colors
  • The visual world of the CoPlanner brand - a mixture of reliable structure and creative freedom.

  • stationary
  • business cards
  • magazine
  • Christmas card
  • roll-ups
    Client: CoPlanner
    Creative direction: Mike Fuisz
    Art direction and graphic design: Josef Heigl
    Strategic advice: Kirsten Ives
    Photography: Thomas Licht