Clue Icons Concept

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  • Clue Icons Concept
    Clue is an app designed to make tracking your fertility accurate, fast and friendly.
    Keep track of your monthly cycle by entering data about your period, pain, mood, fluid and sexual activity.
    ▼ Period icons set
    Light: Light bleeding that may appear to stop and start.
    Medium: Moderate amounts of bleeding.
    Heavy: Your heaviest days of bleeding.
    Spotting: Unexpected bleeding that occurs outside of a typical period.
  • ▼ Pain icons set
    Cramps: Pain from cramping of the uterus, lower back or inner thighs.
    Headhache: A sustained ache in the head.
    Ovulation Pain: A lower abdominal pain that signals ovulation.
    Tender Breasts: Sore breasts due to water retention.
  • ▼ Sex icons set
    Unprotected: Sex without the use of a contraceptive.
    Protected: Sex while using a contraceptive.
    High Sex Drive: Heightened sexual desire and arousal.
    Withdrawal: Unprotected sex withdrawing before ejaculation.
  • ▼ Mood icons set
    Happy: Feeling content and cheerful.
    Sensitive: Emotions are close to the surface and easily triggered.
    Sad: Feeling a bit down.
    Pms: The mix of familiar feelings that indicate your period is coming.
  • ▼ Fluid icons set
    Egg White: Stretchy, slippery and wet, translucent like the uncooked white of an egg.
    Sticky: Sticky, gummy or rubbery, but not wet.
    Creamy: Smooth like hand lotion, may be watery or thin.
    Atypical: Something unusual or unexpected.
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