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Modular architectural prototype
Cloak House
modular investigation prototype 
As described by HOUMINN practice

"Our modular wall system investigation continued with the development of Cloak Wall / Cloak House. It was developed as part of “Here by Design III”, an exhibit  centered on alternative fabrication techniques and prototyping across multiple design fields. We used the opportunity to continue our collaboration with a team of designers, fabricators, and engineers to pursue ideas and questions left open by Drape Wall."

As a contributing member I took lead on much of the visualization early as a thought process and later as a tool for annotated descriptions for both exhibition and correspondence to a varied specialized team. While I had crafted the plan for the house, it is mostly a description of a possible deployment, not necessarily a proposal for a house. It was crafted to test the module's varied stacking strategy that dilated from what appears as a closed weave(private space) to an open weave (public space).