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Self-promotional illustration for my website to summarise the gratitude of having clients ring in with work.
I've been working on my new website, and following the advice given on LinkedIn have added a list of past clients. To follow the style already set, the new page required an appropriate image. This is what I've come up with. I wanted to get through this quite rapidly so it's bastardised from previous images I have worked on (mainly from a magazine cover I produced for IBM Computer Today). The explosive flame effect is also swiped from another picture (see the demon in my Behance gallery). With the addition of the address pages of a filofax, starry eyes (gratitude for the calls), and some more texture it was done.
The thing I love about this is the addition of guilloche patterns over parts of the face. When I see CGI work for movies I always think the wireframes look more appealing than the final render, and this mirrors that effect. I generated the guilloche patterns (like those you'd find on bank notes) using a free trial piece of software called Excentro. It creates patterns that you can't achieve in Illustrator as it generates patterns between shapes. Below are a couple of examples. I dragged parts of these over the face until I found a bit that seemed to map the contours, and suggesting an eye. I can see this creeping into more of my work.