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  • CleverBug

    Cleverbug, one of Ireland's hottest startups, is on a mission to shake up the $20billion global online print and design market. Its simple, disruptive offering lets micro businesses go online to design their marketing materials and have them printed and delivered to their door within 24 hours. The core differentiator is that all the design is free.

    The company needed a name, brand identity and communications strategy. Developing a name and international trademark for an online startup is notoriously difficult. Adding to the challenge, our client wanted to avoid any abstract or contrived names for the new venture. And the words ‘design’ or ‘print’ were banned for branding purposes.

    Putting ourselves in the shoes of micro businesses, we reckoned that going online was a smarter and more cost-effective option than commissioning materials from the high street. So we proposed Cleverbug – a name that labels this brand as the smart choice for the marketing communications needs of smaller businesses. Our proposition - Designed, Printed, Delivered - is sharp and to the point: it clearly states what the company does.