Classic Treeson MIMOBOT® USB Flash Drive

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  • Classic Treeson MIMOBOT® by Bubi AuYeung 2008
    (Limited edition of 500 pieces only)

    Born on August 8th, 2005, Treeson is a kind creature raised by the trees in the forest. He was stabbed in the chest with a tree branch by the logger who was trying to cut down the tree that raised him. After being wounded, he met Ren, his only human friend, who played with him and became his best friend. Neither Treeson nor Ren was very popular with the local kids, but they kept each other company and tried to save the trees in the city from being cut down by humans to put up more buildings.Treeson is the brainchild of Bubi AuYeung, a Hong Kong-born illustrator and graphic designer. Her first project, the Treeson toy, was produced by Crazy Label in 2005, and she has since gone on to create more Treeson toys and storylines, all of which underline the importance of nature and the danger humans pose to the flora of the world.

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