The idea of completing the circle and becoming, once again, part of the earth is not only an international practice, but a timeless one.Dating back to the time when we still lived in caves, people have felt compelled to return to the earth after they die. But did you know that even though you are buried, you are, in fact, poisoning the earth? Its true, pressed wood caskets contain formaldehyde and other ureic compounds that never decompose, poison the ground its buried in as well as the ground water we drink. Its unsettling to think about when one considers the vast amount of cemetaries that span every populated area on the globe. And where is our alternative? Just because we die, do we have to poison our friends and loved ones in the process? 

    Call to find a local showroom in your area. With over 20,000 locations and more being added every day, your eco-friendly burial might be steps away from your front door. 
    Chances are, ClamWood is already fortifying your neighborhood with holistic goodness. If your local cemetary doesnt know about ClamWood, ask for it by name.
    Through advancements in wood-technology, science is now able to create a toxinfree, economical and environmentally friendly pressed wood using the same compound that crustaceans use to stick to the sides of rocks. These caskets are so environmentally friendly that, once returned to the ground, they biodegrade, allowing the occupant to, once again, be a part of the world, and with prices starting at under a hundred dollars, we’ll bet you can’t wait to get inside one today!