Clã - Os Embeiçados

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  • Clã - "Os Embeiçados"
    DIRECTOR & CINEMATOGRAPHER • Music by Clã and lyrics by Regina Guimarães from the album "Disco Voador".
  • We shot it on a weekend so we could use a school as a set and the kids wouldn't miss their classes. It was crazy! Lots of laughs and tears. In the end it was great fun. Thank you so much to all of you that made this project possible.
  • Carolina Monteiro, Henrique Quintans
    Romão, Tiago Guedes
    Luís Lisboa
    Rúben Sousa
    Ana Mateus
    Jerónimo Rocha
    Paulo Américo
    António Selas
    Andreia Nunes, Frederico Serra
    Take It Easy
    Escola Beiral, Cláudia Soares, Gonçalo Pires, Planar, Cinemate

    03'15'' • HD • 2011