"City of the Future" - Illustrations for Prelios

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  • Project: City of the Future - Illustration, Adv, Campaign Material.
    Client: Prelios commissioned by Interbrand
    Year: 2011 - 2012

    City of the future
    "A vision of a future city in perfect harmony with the dreams and hopes of its population and the will to make sustainable choices - in order to maintain a healthy ecological and economic growth for a brighter more colorful future we all can be part of."

    Info: Commisioned by Interbrand i was asked to do a series of positive and bright colorful graphic illustrations to enhance & highlight the new profile and rebranding of their client Prelios who focuses on real-estate world wide, the idea was to create a characteristic and iconic illustration that could represent the company values and promote their approach to sustainability and harmony of the city and its population.