• This company was developed for my senior show project at the University of Wisconsin-Stout: a fictional community marketplace that brings you handpicked activities, tours, and memorable things to do, creating amazing experiences hosted by your own neighbors.

    Company Profile:
    We are in an era where digital communication is everything and highly relied on by society. We are constantly on the lookout for the greatest things to do, we are determined to discover the people and experiences that you won’t find anywhere else. Want to talk about your life path with a monk or earn some street cred by learning how to graffiti? We’ve got you covered. We love meeting new people!

    An experience with City Savvy is as much fun as it is about making meaningful connections face-to-face. In fact, one of our favorite things is turning strangers into friends in just a few short hours. Thankfully, our hosts are a complex group of characters ranging from chefs and artists to collectors and philosophers. Masters of their crafts and stellar networkers, they’re the real backbone of our experiences.

    Our experiences are all City Savvy-approved. You have the opportunity to use our website, app, or our local shop in each of our cities to find out events. We are an energetic bunch based in the U.S. that plan to expand worldwide for the opportunity of having different and more cultural experiences available for everyone. We are renowned for our unique experiences and have become one of the top community marketplaces in the U.S.

    We update our site and app weekly with the most uncommon and unexpected activities, so you’re always in the know with whatever’s going on around you and up on current trends. Our team of locals curates each and every listing so you can book an event knowing that a great experience is guaranteed.

    We’re expanding. Right now, City Savvy is only based in selected cities, but we’re moving quickly to launch a City Savvy in your city. Help us out by recommending your city, and we’ll reward you by letting you in on City Savvy the second we get to your town.

    Welcome aboard. We’re thrilled you’re here!