• Circa - A supplement to Typocircle
    D&AD - Pentagram Graphic Design brief 2012
  • I produced a series of 3 booklets as a supplement for the annual Typocircle release, Circular for the 2012 D&AD Graphic Design student brief.

    I based the 3 issues on Rian Hughes, Studio 8 and Angus Hyland, all of whose work I greatly admire. Each issue contains an interview with the designer/studio and a selection of their work - I branded the series as 'Circa' as I wanted each to be based around the thoughts and opinions of the chosen graphic designer/studio.

    Each issue is split into two booklets, the first an A5 introduction to each - containing information about the designer/studio and an interview about their views and beliefs within design (Interviews borrowed/combined from various online design magazines and blogs). This booklet unfolds to reveal an A2 poster featuring a quote from each designer/studio with the conclusion of the interview. The second half is a larger A4 booklet featuring a selection of design work taken from the designer/studio's portfolio.

    I was really inspired by the design of the 2012 Circular magazine that only included text on the cover sleeve and not inside the actual annual and I wanted my design to compliment this. My design is a strong typographical solution to the brief, I've tried to include lots of typographic details - the large number on the front of each booklet was not only to ensure they all remain coherent but each letterform is taken from an old typeface originally used in photo lettering, (that has never been made available as a a digital typeface) to help reflect the evolution of graphic design and typography.

    A special thanks to Alex Mills for photographing the finished piece - www.alxmls.co.uk