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A letterpressed keepsake for the Cinotype festival in Cambridge.
Cinetypo keepsake
For the Cinetypo event I designed and letterpressed a keepsake. This keepsake was handed out to visitors of the Cinetypo event. 

I letterpressed two layers on a card: a grid made of the back of wooden letters, and big condensed wooden type. I love how the woodgrain is still visible in the grid. 
“Houdoe” means “goodbye” in Dutch (dialect), this seemed to fit nicely in both the design and the concept of a keepsake.
Presicely leaded, than caged wooden type
In order to make sure every piece is nicely registered I made a frame of the same size as the card. 
The backside of my caged background piece. I used the back of condensed wooden type.
Mixing colour for printing is always a fun and hard proces, it takes a lot of tinkering and cleaning.