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  • I beleive, that this page is in English. Кликните  для русской версии.
  • Promo video for "Cinema Perpetuum Mobile" film festival.
    DP Vasily Tsybulko. Editor Robert Seneko

  • The Story
  • I got involved in the project at the postproduction stage. By the time the shooting was over. There was a rough cut version, which is not good enough for the creators.
  • The video was filmed in improvisational manner, so it never had a script.

    On the original video was captured Soviet film projector ...
  • A girl who pedals a bicycle barefoot ...
  • And the combination of all with the flashing torch.
  • My task was to re-edit in somehow, maybe add some captions.
  • The first goal – to connect the image with the perpetual motion machine to beat the festival name.

    I took a fragment of the shot with bike gear and looped it.
  • Color correction in the fiery yellow gave similarity to da Vinci drawings, associations with parchment, splinter light, alchemy.
  • Yellow shots of the engine began to alternate with bluish shots of a film projector.
  • It expanded visual space, having emphasized that we consider at least two remote objects.
  • The audio track consists of sound recorded while shooting: the noise of chains and the projector.

    There was no titles in the original scenario. However, they serve as a link, which gave the meaning to the video.
  • Final Result