• Cienna Ultralounge
  • Cienna Ultralounge is a venue in the heart ofAstoria [Queens, NY] designed to offer the ultimate entertainment experience tothe discerning New York crowd.
    If Cienna Restaurant is an exercise onexperiential lightness, CiennaUltralounge is an essay on softness. Thisproject is conceptually linked to the mathematical clarification of the shapeof a silk cocoon via a cosine Fourier series. Formally, the space transposes suchgeometric formalization into a meandering system of openings on the ceiling andwalls.
    The space is a cocoon entirely made of aseamless, tufted upholstered shell. The distribution of the 8,888 buttonsdefining the tufting was organized via 3D software, and allowed for precisefabrication and permissible tolerances. The system of openings in the ceilingand walls of this shell is punctuated by 88,888 acrylic strands. Behind them isa system of LED light fixtures softly flooding the strands and the space withwarm hues... and responding to music impulses via ad-hoc software.
    Thespace has reachable boundaries that offer a soft, tactile, sexy experience… theseating is made of sensuously outlined booths continuing the tufted shell. Thetables are custom made in a sumptuous, full profile of poplar wood, and arelacquered in a gloss finish. The 45-foot bar shares its design with the bar at CiennaRestaurant. It is a lighted prism of honey onyx, and balances the DJ boothacross the venue. The DJ booth also functions as a stage for live performances,as its sides are removable. The sound system is state-of-the-art and is fullyintegrated in the tufted shell. The sound system, the lighting system, and allother design systems are experientially and technologically inter-connected, asthey exist and support one another to offer a seamless overall performance.