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Conclusion to a 3 part Level 2 breif.
Level 2 Manifesto
 CiDa was a Level 2 college project which was the conclusion of a three part brief. The first two briefs were to study an art movement in history and profession. These were given out at random and the two I was given were Dadaism and a Chiropodist.
I decided to have fun with the final brief combining the first two parts to create CiDa, an imaginary group of people who believe in the divine power of feet and there infleunce over the body. Feet being the main focus of the imagery I thought a shoe box containing an induction kit to the group would be a good package, the Dada style leaving the look of the images quite open.
The images show a box and a fold out explaining the main beliefs of CiDa.
All work is lithoprinted.