• The storage element with the name "Chuck" is a flexible wall shelf
    made ​​of 6 wooden planks and two stainless steel collars.
    It is a combination of flexibility, stability and gravity. The result is an individual,
    convertible clearance for the small but important things in life.
    Since I got such an amazing feedback for Chuck from all over the world, I worked very hard over the last month. I found some great german local manufacurers, did plenty of exessive testing with new materials and such.
    I am prowd to anounce that chuck is in production now and it can be orderd over my webshop.
    Thanks for all your support! More details can be found on my website.
  • Chuck / €790.00
  • Chuck / €790.00
  • Chuck / €790.00
  • Photo Credit: Leopold Fiala