Chrysalis Research identity, branding and website

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  • Chrysalis Research    Identity, branding and web design
  • Brief
    Todesign a visual identity and range of on/offline communications, for a start upmarket research company
    Chrysalis Research is a social andmarket research company, specialising in education, skills and health.
    Formed by two experienced researchers, the aim of the business is to provide a more flexible, nimble and innovative alternative to larger competitors as well as enable the partners to fully realise their professional ambitions and passions. 

    The logo is based around the letter C in the company name and is designed to represent the three key pillars
    of their service proposition. So, the unity of design elements symbolise Chrysalis collaborative approach and the strong client relationships it forms as a result. A sense of kinetic movement conveys the business dynamic, forward-thinking and nimble approach. And the more intricate components represent the detail and complexity
    of the companys work. The colour palette was chosen to communicate a sense of energy, positivity and authority without making the business appear too corporate.