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A simple advertising campaign for my online store, run across varied social media sites.
Having been selling our own prints and products for 6 years now, throughout 2013 my business partner (and wife!) Fiona and I really dedicated ourselves to building our store to a new level, envisaging more of a 'department store' than just a place to pick up art prints.  We have successfully filled with 3 predominant product lines, or brands, B-Goods (handmade textiles products using our colourful award-winning patterns), Twisted Fifties (art prints, cards and calendars which mix vintage chic with the tongue-in-cheek) and Fluid Animals (nature inspired calendars and postcards).
After such a great year of creating and making so many products we decided to put a special effort into promoting our wares as Christmas gifts.  We considered paid advertising in print magazines, but have found through our own experience that this only hits a limited market and have always found social media to be far more beneficial as a way of telling people out there that we exist, we make colourful art and products and it's all available worldwide from our store.
We like to think that we have 'something for everybody' and so focused on this for our campaign, recommending products for 'her', 'him, 'them' and 'you' with a selection of graphic icons for each target.  We have been running these ads a fairly limited amount  (in order to not overwhelm our online followers) across Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook and Pinterest for the passed few weeks, and thankfully our efforts have paid off and we've been getting orders from all over the world for anything from a single greeting card to our more handmade backpacks and of course plenty of 2014 calendars.
If you like the look of our products here then please do visit!
All the hims, hers, thems and yous!
Ad layout, using Brandon Grotesque type and our simple, positive tagline.
Week 2 full advertisement
Week 3 full advertisement
Week 4 full advertisement
Week 5 full advertisement
Week 6 full advertisement
'Them and You' ads on Twitter
(Featuring the Fluid Animals 2014 calendar and 'Tequila Hostess' Twisted Fifties art print)
Two 'Him' ads on Instagram
(Featuring the Fluid Animals 2014 calendar and the Twisted Fifties 2014 calendar)
'Her and Him' ads on Twitter
(Featuring the Twisted Fifties 2013 Calendar and Cushion in Cable Cars Grey fabric)
'Them' and 'Him' ads on Facebook

(Featuring our backpack in Peacocks Grey fabric and the Fluid Animals 2014 calendar)
'Her Him Them and You' ad on Tumblr
Varied ads on Pinterest
'Them' ad on Pinterest
(Featuring our backpack in Peacocks greay fabric)
* iPhone and iMac mock-ups courtesy of