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Christmas Card Design
Christmas Card Design
 I design six icons related to Christmas. They are Christmas tree, Santa Claus, Reindeer, Snow man, Snowflake, Poinsettia. I mainly use lines to form the shape and they are all black .
After the icons are done, I combine them to the color rings which belong to each icon. It's like if you think of Santa, what colors will be in your mind ? white, red, maybe some black, and they will be the colors I use in the color rings. Though the icon does not have any colors, but the color rings will let the viewer unconsiously mixed the color into icons. 
The christmas card is plain white. The art paper I use will reflect the light, like thousands of little stars twinkling on the paper. In the middle of the card theres a round hole, I use Crystal Paper to creat a transparent effect and the icons are designed to print on it, it makes the cards look more glitter.
I also make them into stickers, so that I can stick them anyewhere I want. 
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