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Christmas Card Design
Christmas Card Design
I designed six icons related to Christmas, and develop the icons into appllications, like cards, stickers, etc.
About design icons, I only use black lines and dots to form the shape.
After the icons are done, I design color rings as decorationn on the Christamas Card. Thr color ring's colors will match to each icons.Take Santa for example, I used white, red, and some black. Though the icon does not have any colors, but the color rings will makes the viewer unconsiously mixed the color into icons. 
As to the christmas card,I use the art paper wich reflect the light, when under the sun, it will be like thousands of little stars twinkling on the paper. In the middle of the card, theres a round hole full by the Crystal Paper to create a transparent effect, the icons are  printed on it, it'll makes the Christmas Card looks more glitter.
Color Rings
Card Design