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accepted entries in American Illustration 31
Chosen for American Illustration 31
From hand drawn old school media to digital....and divergent content too!
From American Illustration 31 acceptance note:

"While your image will not appear in the book, it was one of only 331 images from about 8,000 submitted to receive at least 2 votes and is therefore eligible to appear permanently on our website - where over time illustrators build an online portfolio of their AI winning images and where creatives make direct contact with them. The Archive is being re-designed with new search capabilities and will be launched in November."

Three images from me. One, a springtime bunny that was hand drawn to celebrate the change in weather last winter. The other two vector illustrations from a body of work on Halloween masks created in the spirit of that holiday in October, 2011.

How cool is this? Plus, these guys throw a rocking cool party during Illustration Week in New York City in November. Might merit a trip?
Springtime Bunny

Halloween Cat Mask
Q. Cassetti, 2011, pen and ink
© Q. Cassetti, Trumansburg, NY
Halloween Witch Mask