Chinesized weather forecast system

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  • Chinesized 
    weather forecast system
  • In the Chinesized weather forecast system, designer Yu ZHAO made use of the 3 pathways,
    Chinese pictograph characters, Chinese traditional patterns and Chinese calligraphy, to create
    a weather forecast system with the essence of Chinese culture. This system includes the weather forecast signs, the visual identity and the application for different media. 

    The balance of the Ying & Yang is same as the generation of weather, the balance of the warm
    air mass and cold air mass. This is why we use this modern system as a platform to discover how to
    use traditional graphics in the global context. Also, the book offers an example about visual
    experiment of Chinesization in graphic design field.
  • Pictograph characters |  象形圖標
  •  Traditional patterns | 傳統圖案
  • Calligraphy | 書法造型
  • Ending | 終章
  • Info-graphic | 信息图形
  • Editor & designer: Yu ZHAO
    Supervisor: Chris Vermaas, Rogerio Lira, Harmine Louwe

    Thanks for everyone who help and support for this project.
  • Thanks for watching | 謝謝指正