Chinese Ghost Festival

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  • Promotional kit for the values of Chinese Ghost Festival
    The Ghost Festival is a traditional Chinese holiday celebrated on the 15th day of the 7th lunar month. A solemn holiday, the Ghost Festival represents the connections between the living and the dead, earth & heaven, body & soul. It is a month in which ghost & spirits are believed to emerge out from the under world to visit earth and their love ones. This month is more than just scary ghosts or superstitious taboos. It is a month full of love, love from the living to the dead. Ritual offerings of food are prepared, hell notes are burnt & also prayers are 'given' to the visiting ghosts & spirits as well as deities & ancestors. This conscious act of giving and burning things to the dead has in turn allow the livings to subconsciously gain virtues & good karma.
    This project aims to raise the awareness of the real values of Chinese Ghost Festival. 
    This project includes:
    1. A1 Poster
    2. Square perfect-binded booklet
    3. Direct mailer - consist of a box of 'yuan baos'/gold ingot
    4. Folded Mini promotional poster - in the form of amulets that are preferably being distrubted during the period of Chinese Ghost Festival. As the Chinese believe that amulets chases away spirits, thus heighten the possibility and willingness of passerbys receiving these on the streets during the promoting period.
    5. Souvenir - in the form of post cards
    Press Invitation:
    This project is published in "Holiday Design The Festive & The Joyful" publication by Sendpoints Books Co. Ltd.
    Where it aims to introduce the most creative graphic designs on holidays and ceremonies by brilliant designers around the world.
    A1 Poster
    Digital inner spread of Square perfect-binded booklet
    Actual promotional kit collaterals