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A political series about the economic relationship between China and America.
China Street
August 2012
In this series, I began to broaden my imagery by reappropriating more objects of Chinese kitsch. I wanted to critique the relationship between the United States of America and People's Republic of China even further. My approach took objects that were typically small with basic meanings and functions, but magnified them to become a bigger presence in a targeted environment. The fortune cookie fortunes grew even larger. Chinese hong-bao, which is literally the size of a pocket, became the size of a poster. The made-in-China stickers were refitted as labels for an entire building. 

Under the influence of JR, I realized that the photograffeur is not just another street artist. We are the art criminal, but at the same time, we are the forensic photographer. The large format, 4x5 viewfinder camera, was the most cumbersome type of camera to use for this kind of thing, but I loved the results. Film, in my opinion, is still superior because artists are able to produce fine prints at a large scale.