Chilli Beans.

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  • Super Dose.
    for Annual Convention Chilli Beans.
  • Super Dose for Chilli Beans is a project in support projection made ​​for a screen of 164 by 13 feet. The concept was developed for the Annual Convention of Chilli Beans which was a big event in Angra dos Reis. For this, we created a linear narrative opening approximately 3 min, plus eight animations projective scenarios that create environments of some past collections and other collections that will be released next year. One of these scenarios is all in stereoscopic 3D.
  • - Production: Visualfarm. 
    - Director: Germano Mariniello.
    - 3D Production: Munari El-Khatib III & Gustavo Rangel.
    - 2D Production: Ricardo Tabete & Felipe Kenji.
    - Soundtrack: Girl School  -  C´Mon Lets1s Go.