The project brief was to design the packaging of a beverage in a specific product category. Within the Vancouver area, it is a treasure hunt to find a bottle of unsweetened, naturally flavored, chilled tea from your local market. The products that are available are sweet and artificially flavored. Chilled offers cold, unsweetened, tea that takes flavor from tealeaves, not artificial additives. It comes in three products: individual bottles, take-home jugs, and loose-leaf tea. Because there are limited competitors, Chilled must be branded to popularize the unsweetened, cold tea market.
    · To effectively communicate the product’s benefits and value to the target audience
    · To differentiate the product from similar products, such as sweetened, artificially flavored tea
    · To popularize chilled tea by creating a successful brand
    · To provide a full product line to enhance the end user’s experience
    · To provide easy access to the product in major cities in Canada, especially Vancouver
    In order to set apart this uncommon beverage, the visual design had to strongly convey Chilled’s unique properties of being unsweetened and brewed from tealeaves. The custom lettering for the logo was created to further distinguish it amongst bottled beverages.