• The invitations to the 2008 Curtain Call Ball used painted/graphic illustrations to describe the evening in a playbill style combined with bright color to feel younger & more playful than an average fundraiser. A "Turkish Map" folding technique expands the invite as it opens, feeling a bit like a children's book along the way.
  • Details of the invitation as it opens. 
  • The expressive quality of the brush work and lively expressions establish this benefit as one that will be a loose, spontaneous evening.
  • In 2006 the Curtain Call Ball had a storybook quality, combining flat color with ornamental graphics to feel youthful, sophisticated, and of course fun.
  • Illustrations varied in style, but were always fun and focused on the different stages of the evening.
  • The invitation was delivered as a collection of cards housed in a folded mailer that grew as it was opened, creating a mini-poster from the parts, and separate cards for each section of the event.
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