Children's Theatre Co: Emerald & Ruby

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  • Emerald & Ruby was the 2011 theme for the Children’s Theatre Company’s Curtain Call Ball, an annual fundraiser that supports theatre programs for young people. We created an invitation that was inspired by the upcoming production of The Wizard of Oz, and embodies the glamour of old Hollywood.
  • The invitation captures the whimsy and fun of the classic 1939 film, but with a contemporary, grown-up feel. Guests are encouraged to wear vintage tuxedos and gowns to get into the spirit of Hollywood’s Golden Age.
  • We drew inspiration for the design from a variety of period sources – vintage movie titles, book covers, and textile patterns.
  • Memorable lines from The Wizard of Oz guide guests through the schedule of events, promising an unforgettable evening in the Emerald City.
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