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Children's Parties Rack Card
Client: Flamingo Gardens
Agency: Escape Key Graphics

Artist, Illustrator, Designer: John Potter
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The folks at Flamingo Gardens approached me with a request to update their children’s parties rack card. The one they had was very straight forward. It had some stock photography laid out nicely and a party hat had been Photoshopped onto a parrot and flamingo’s heads. It was nicely done, but reserved and it seemed to appeal to parents wanting a quiet and orderly event rather than kids wanting to have fun.
I came up with a fairly nutty illustration concept and began moving toward something that looked pretty finished to show them right away. Although my early sketches showed potential to me, I think they would have looked kind of crazy to anyone else. I didn’t think a written description of the illustration could possibly sell them on the idea either. I was convinced that if they saw it they would like it. Although I had risked wasting some time, they did like the concept when they saw it and everything went smoothly. Now Flamingo Gardens has a nice new rack card to advertise their birthday party package and I have a nice illustration I am happy to add to my portfolio.
See a zoomable version at
Original thumbnail sketch